Fitbit Reviews and Ratings

Welcome to Fitbit Reviews, you might be asking yourself what is Fitbit and how it works. Let me explain!Fitbit

Fitbit is a company that produces wireless activity and sleep tracker. These trackers can record the number of steps you take and the time and quality of sleep to such a detail that even the best pedometers can’t acquire. Not just that, Fitbit also tracks your heart activity and promotes exercise by awarding you with fitness achievement badges. Fitbit products are well known by sport and fitness professionals to track calories burned, distance travelled, time and quality of sleep and more.

You might be asking, why does it track sleep? Well a good sleep is one of the keys to good health and weight loss, which is why Fitbit can also track your sleep

Fitbit products work by synchronizing with your computer and mobile phone (either Android or IOS) and transferring the recorded information to the Fitbit app. You only need to install the app, synchronize it with your Fitbit and that’s it!, wear your Fitbit wherever you go.

The biggest benefits of Fitbit is that it ENCOURAGES you to be more active throughout the day, whether it’s by walking, running, climbing or any other activity you perform. Fitbit makes fitness a fun, enjoyable process, rather than a chore. Read some of the Fitbit reviews explaining each product qualities.