Fitbit Flex Review

Fitbit Flex is an activity tracker directed at measuring your exercise, diet and sleep. This device can become your constant companion that can inform you about your activity levels, and motivate you to get moving. While the Fitbit has some frustrating features, it’s also simple, comfortable and useful.



The Fitbit Flex is one of the most lightweight and comfortable activity trackers compared to other unwieldy and heavy competitors trackers. that you will hardly take it off when you get used to its presence.

Under the band itself the Fitbit tracker is placed into a small hole. This pocket remains open so you’ll see the tracker if you take the band off, making it very simple to get the tracker in and out.


The only very characterizing feature of the Fitbit Flex is the plastic band which illuminates LED lights to represent your progress.

The band is flat and made of a flexible, rubbery material in a single color. While it’s not considerably fashionable, it also isn’t ugly and doesn’t stand out.

The Fitbit syncs with your phone via Bluetooth, so there’s no need to plug it into your phone to check your stats.


In general, the Fitbit Flex is extremely easy to use with easy navigation access to the app from a phone or computer. The app display is simplistic and clear and communicated most of what I wanted to see.

Within the Fitbit app or online, you’ll be able to see your step count, distance travelled, calories burned and active minutes.

Our first problem with its features is that it requires you to tell it when you plan to sleep, rather than doing it automatically. You have to add a log and press “Begin Sleep Now”. To find out how long it took to fall sleep you have to open the graph for that night, tap on it to bring up another graph and then move your finger along to work out the time. This should have been possible with a lot fewer taps, ideally directly from the home page. It was certainly much more laborious and could have been accomplished with a simple tap on the device, without the need to open the app at all.


Fitbit Flex captures a good amount of data by itself but can track even more if you take the time to input data about your meals, your weight, and other such data.

To start your input of data you need first the most basic stats like height, weight, age, etc to begin, and strap on the device. It will tell you your daily number of steps taken, distance traveled on foot, minutes spent active and calories burned. If you tip it off every night that you’re going to sleep and tell it when you awake again, it will use motion to track how much time you truly sleep while in bed, and how restless you were.

fitbit track

All this info is presented in terms of a percentage toward a goal. You can set a goal yourself, or use its default goal.

Not all the data is very explained, though. For example, you might arrive and even surpass the goal of 10,000 steps taken but not the goal of 2,000 calories burned. I would have liked some suggestions on what I could do to meet the calorie-burning goal, or an explanation for why the calorie goal didn’t agree with the activity goals.


The sleep tracker generally fels that it isn’t particularly accurate. There are nights in wich you might wake up several times, but the Fitbit would tell you slept straight through.


The Fitbit is a fun, close friend. Overall, its ease and comfortable to use and the data it offers is informative and motivating.

One feature that makes a big difference in how it feels wearing the device is the a small plastic strip with LED dots representing the progress toward your daily steps. you will find yourself frequently tapping, just to see the pretty glowing dots appear and get an update. And that simple action will motivate to increase your activity, without even needing to open the app.

You will find your Fitbit to influence your behavior, giving you the extra push you needed to take a stroll around the block.


Fitbit Flex is a simple, comfortable activity tracker that might resemble a colorful rubber band, but with a lot more surprises.

It’s hard to criticise the Flex and its application. The ability to choose and adjust your goals from steps, distance traveled and calories burned is a great feature, as is the capacity to track sleep. However, we do think the sleep tracking is a bit lacking in tracking your sleep time and setting it into sleep mode is a bit complicated.

Overall the Fitbit Flex is an awesome little activity tracker that runs on an excellent platform. We weren’t totally disappointed on its design, but as a colorful, comfortable and clever fitness tracker it’s hard to complain.

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